About Us

Our principal physiotherapist is Tram Chau.

She is a qualified Physiotherapist and obtained her degree at Sydney University. She has over 17 years of experience as a practising physiotherapist in Australia and the United Kingdom. During that time she has developed expertise in Musculoskeletal sports injury, Orthopaedics, intensive care. Trauma, Neurology, Aged Care, Cardiology, and Respiratory health issues at various hospitals.

Tram has also practised extensively as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist in several physiotherapy and sports injury clinics across Sydney. She has worked closely with both professional and recreational sports athletes to enable rapid return to sports following an injury. Sports injuries in children are particularly common in dance, gymnastics, football and often requires a thorough assessment and immediate treatment.

She is also highly experienced in treating patients with occupational injuries, work cover (WC), post motor vehicle accidents(CTP) and managing chronic pain. When treating an injury she applies a hands-on approach to suit the needs of each patient. This may include a variety of treatment methods including taping, postural correction, dry needling, clinical Pilates, and the development of individualised exercise programs to ensure you recover as quickly as possible.